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All my applications or the value of failure

If you are one of my students, you probably have heard me say, “There are a lot of grants and competitions out there. Apply for every single one that you you see. Apply, apply, apply.” Well, do I practice what I preach?

In this post, I want you to take a look at the results of my applications/ submissions/ competitions and analyze the success to failure ratio. I also want to tell you what I learned from my failures. I certainly hope that my story serves as an inspiration to persist and try, try, try again.

Here is my application history over the last years:

2013 IELTS Morgan Terry Memorial Scholarship – failed

2014 Communicative Assessment course by British Council – failed 

2014 Russian Language Assistant program in the UK – failed 

2014 Cambridge English Teacher Scholarship – failed 

2014 IELTS Morgan Terry Memorial Scholarship – failed 

2014 Essay Contest “Inspiring Teachers” – partly succeeded (didn’t win, but was shortlisted as a finalist, got a certificate, a book, and my essay …