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Don't judge Abook

I am itching to share a story written by Lyudmila Snezhanova in my Creative Writing Club, which is a project for people who share my passion for writing. Lyudmila wrote an incredible piece based on a highly challenging prompt:

✦ Choose one of the following idioms and include it in a story that also includes a literal use of one of the figurative words in the idiom. For example, if I were to choose the phrase “at the drop of a hat,” I would also include a hat or someone dropping something.
- at the drop of a hat
- hit the sack
- judge a book by its cover
- beat around the bush
- steal [someone’s] thunder
- the last straw. ✦
Below is her wonderfully-crafted story with all of these idioms in their literal and figurative meaning! Enjoy! 
✽✽✽ Don't judge Abook“Yes,” said Perry Stalker, gripping his new suspenders, slipping from his stomach, and regretting he had feasted on smoked bream and a six pack of beer last weekend. "With our stainless reputation of the best private bo…