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C2 Proficiency. Writing Task 2. Review (of a film I haven’t seen).

I keep writing like crazy because I am preparing for the C2 Proficiency test (fka CPE). In my previous post, I shared my Writing Part 2 article. In this post, I want to share a review I wrote about a movie I haven't seen and give some insights into handling an unfortunate task.
TaskA film magazine has invited readers to submit reviews of films which are set in the future, but deal with themes relevant to today’s world, such as our relationship with technology or environmental problems. You decide to submit a review briefly describing such a film and explaining why its themes are relevant today. You should also consider how important it is for films set in the future to say something about contemporary society.(Cambridge English Proficiency 2, Test 2, Question 4).
This is a really unfortunate task for me because I watch very few movies, maybe 3 a year. But as I read it, I imagined myself sitting in the exam room not wanting to fail, so I had to come up with something.
How I dealt wi…

C2 Proficiency. Writing Part 2. Article. Ireland.

I am now preparing for the C2 Proficiency test (fka CPE) and writing like crazy. I know most people get the lowest score for the writing component of English exams (find out why here), which is not something I want to happen to me, so I write. In this post, I want to share my Writing Part 2 article about being close to nature.

A magazine is running a series of articles on people’s experiences of being close to nature, for example, visits to beautiful lakes and mountains, or encounters with wildlife. You decide to write an article in which you briefly describe an experience you have had when you were close to nature, and explain what you learned from this. You should also evaluate the role that contact with nature plays in people’s lives. (Cambridge English Proficiency 2, Test 1, Question 4).
My answer: Out of all the countries I have visited, Ireland stands out. Nowhere have I seen such scenic and serene places so close to city life. The country is literally lined with spectacula…