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My C2 Proficiency book review: "The Elements of Eloquence"

My colleague Lyudmila Snezhanova asked me to share a book review I wrote when I was preparing for C2 Proficiency (fka CPE). And I thought, “Why don’t I share it with everyone then?”

I wrote this review about a year ago about “The Elements of Eloquence” by Mark Forsyth, which I was reading at the time. There is no task for it. I wrote it to practise.

When I was preparing for CPE, I practised writing in two modes: exam mode and growth mode. In exam mode, my goal was to answer the question meeting the time limit. In growth mode, my goal was to work on my language. In this mode, I prepared a list of phrases and/or structures I wanted to use and tried to use as many of them as possible in my writing. This review is the second version of the original review written in growth mode.

Given that the title of the book is “The elements of eloquence,” it is no surprise that I bought it and read it from cover to cover, scrutinizing every single line. What self-respecting language teacher woul…